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Whenever people talk music made by real maniacs with a manic attitude, even if it means hurting themselves or whoever is brave enough to attend your concerts, they usually mention GG Allin and other mavericks but rarely Tokyo’s GISM. It’s kind of weird since those punks, literally, terrorized Japanese audiences for two decades before going tits up in 2001 after the death of their guitar player. Besides a name that stood for whatever they felt like at the time (from ’Genocide Infanticide Suicide Menticide’ to ‘General Imperialism Social Murder’ or even ‘Gay Individual Social Mean’!), their shows were pure chaos and you didn’t know what would hit you first, either their explosive mix of punk, hardcore and metal or their out-of-control frontman…

By their names alone you know that this kind of ‘all or nothing’ attitude seats well with both SHITFUCKER and BONEHUNTER. Despite coming from two very different places (Detroit, USA and Finland’s Oulu), those fine purveyors of atomic punk n’roll wanted to pay tribute to their Japanese elders and thus recorded two covers each for what is probably DOOMENTIA’ most stinky and vilest split yet. So lovers of melody and nice and polished production, just run away as fast as possible unless you want to be puked over by those bastards! On the other hand, ENGLISH DOGS, GBH and warm beers fanatics, please stick around, open me up and get fucked up to the eternal sound of “Death Agonies and Screams” or “Syphilitic Vaginas” because true filth never dies… So all hail GISM!

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