SCARRED FOR LIFE – Is This The Price Of Freedom? EP

crust core


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Americký crust core. Známý ze split EP s Disclose.

Here’s some crusty hardcore/punk with moderately fast power chord rhythms and traditional song structures with barked vocal shouts, quick leads, etc. The prevalence of all the little solos sort of reminds me of Masskontroll, but this is a little faster than most of this particular style, with lots of cool bass breaks that are sort of in an old school hardcore vein or something. I like the vocals a lot, the patterns are sort of catchy” in a way, with hints of actual notes in the shouts. Sometimes the vocals get a little too loud, and the sound is definitely dirty and covers a similar tonal range with its textures, but it’s listenable. The recording is admittedly thin and somewhat uneven, but the songs do possess a decent level of energy. A typical layout graces the sleeve with black and white imagery and red lettering, depicting Bush and his cronies against gruesome images of war victims and such. The lyrics are very Discharge-esque in structure as far as verse/chorus/verse/chorus arrangement, dealing with war and political greed, oppression, the usual. A sticker of the band logo is also included inside. Not bad overall. It can sort of sound the same but there are definitely some strengths for them to build on here. (6/10)

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