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Review from MRR May 2012: 
Pusrad-“Smartramz” EP 
This is fantastic! A blur of stop-start-stop-quirk-start hardcore by two former members of Sweden’s RAPED TEENAGERS, these seven 35-second or less 
blast keep melody as an undercurrent. This style takes an older perspective of the earliest days of hardcore where the speed was the goal, yet complete musical deconstruction into grind, crossover or power violence had not occurred. Whit that said, these tracks are lightning fast attack of really sharpened hardcore ranging somewhere between KORO and HUVUDTVÄTT. Yet given the band’s pedigree, nothing is straight forward. Taking that “Silver Age” of Swedish hardcore with post-VICTIM’S FAMILY / NO MEANS NO weird turns and compressing it into micro-blasts, with less segmentation than RAPED TEENAGERS in the parts (“After the hardcore part, then this is the melodic part”). The balance here between the incredibly simple and the increasingly complex is pretty perfect – harkening back to early, fresh Really Fast, Vol 1, “we’re making this up as we go” joyous trial and error as much as the triumphs of late ’80s experimentation while capturing an unpredictable freshness. Well served by a clean, dry, modern recording and untapped by a set genre, this is one of the best records I’ve heard from Sweden in a long time. A++++ (KS) (Just 4 Fun)” 



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