PISSJAR – Apathy & Cheap Thrills EP

raw punk


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Recorded at Communichaos Media Clay Station by Kenko

A match made in er, well, probably not heaven, but a match all the same, Urinal Vinyl and Pissjar. D-Beat hardcore punk mayhem with a splash of rock ‘n’ roll. Type “Pissjar” into google and most of what you see is about their Pissjar Sans font, created with their own urine, pissing the letters onto cotton sheets, and turning them into a font. Laudable as this achievement is, let’s not allow it to overshadow their music. 8 tracks here built from the sound you may expect to here from a Stockholm based punk band, but with some blistering rock and roll guitar as well, this stuff kicks arse. Between the other label involved and the band, I don’t have that many copies, enough, but not too many, so don’t delay! Comes in a nice spined sleeve with black inner sleeve

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