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Oh yeah, it’s time for another killer split seven inches boys and girls and that one is red fucking hot!
Still obviously featuring Zack Rose from the mighty NUNSLAUGHTER and CRUCIFIED MORTALS on guitar and vocals, NEKROFILTH are vomiting forth the same kind of punkish proto-death metal that would have fit perfectly on SLAUGHTER’s ‘Strappado’ or REPULSION’s ‘Horrified’ if the latter had dropped the blasbeats and went for full-on SLAYER worship instead. As a matter of fact, let’s fairly say that if their ‘Worship Destruction’ twelve inches or split with NUNSLAUGHTER (both released by HELLS HEADBANGERS last year) made you wanna rock with your cock out, those three new as dirty and sick tunes will strip you naked and devour for the nearest brain available in no time.
Talking of rock and fuckin’ roll, while not everybody has recovered from that awesome ride with the devil that was last year’s SPEEDWOLF debut (once again on HELLS HEADBANGERS), Ohio’s werewolf-powered answer both MOTÖRHEAD and THE ENGLISH DOGS once again deliver the goods with one “Overkill” inspired anthem, like a turbocharged trip on an endless highway to the sound of spikier ‘Ace Of Spades’ in a flashy-looking hot rod with a beautiful lady in the back ready for some action. 

Hey ho, let’s go!!!! 

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