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To celebrate their upcoming Japanese gigs together next May and since, let’s face it, both acts simply LOVE to do splits, Tokyo’s BUTCHER ABC and Denver-via-Cleveland’s NEKROFILTH have decided to join forces for an EP to be released by yours truly, DOOMENTIA.

What can we say that hasn’t been said yet about NEKROFILTH? Although since relocating to Denver, guitarist/vocalist and main offender Zack Rose has lot none of his venomous rasp and for their 6th (!) release with DOOMENTIA and second for 2017 alone, they still spit out the same bile through two quick-and-to-the-point bullets, bred on dirty metal, punk and a never ending hate for all things PC.

BUTCHER ABC is a slightly different beast though. Not only does this band boast a respectable ‘who’s who’ of the classic Japanese extreme scene (with various members of CSSO, INTESTINE BAALIM, DEFILED or VOMIT REMNANTS) but after a looooong break away from the studio, ‘Darkness in the Dark’ is their first widely available outside of their native country track to emerge since their killer split with fellow pathologists GENERAL SURGERY back in 2009. Like the three other tracks that have surfaced recently, alas through extremely difficult to obtain copies, this violent outburst of gore proves that unlike most bands, those ever-faithful devotees of the ancient CARCASS sound are only getting sicker and sicker as the years go by!

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