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The sleaze machine never stops! Having just stepped off the van after five weeks of rampage throughout the US, Cleveland’s most obnoxious punk/metal merchants NEKROFILTH are about to show Europe what the real deal with. Teaming up with the equally fouled stench-smelling REPUKED from Sweden and starting off on October 16th in Amsterdam, former CRUCIFIED MORTALS and NUNSLAUGHTER axe-wielder Zach Rose and his partners-in-crime are set to destroy everything in sight until November 11th. 

Those who will be brave enough to attend one of those shows, among various excrements and other beer-soaked elements, you’ll find at the merch table this brand-new EP called ‘Acid Brain’. Five new disgraceful short outbursts of hardcore/punk/thrash dedicated to the most rotten and filthiest side of humanity whose songtitles alone (“Beware the Witch of Death”, “Night of the Shit Creep”) make no fuzz about what they’re all about. Another mandatory release for those looking for TRULY pissed off music that doesn’t care about trends, PC statements and pleasing your mom.

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