INTO DARKNESS – Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures Into the Unknown EP

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To say that INTO DARKNESS came crashing down on the death-metal scene like an H-bomb on unprotected civil grounds is quite an understatement. Their blend of ASPHYX-like crushing dirges and suffocating doom parts simply hit a spot right from their start and less than a year after they had formed, their self-titled demo was pressed on three different formats (!) by three different renowned labels. And their fantastic set at this year’s KILL TOWN DEATHFEST last August did nothing but keep the buzz going… 

Particularly striking is guitarist Doomed Warrior shrieking vocals who sounds like Martin Van Drunen reincarnated in the body of twenty years old woman and extreme metal fanatic. Even if they had their fair share of line-up changes over the last two years, the trio hasn’t slowed down a bit. As a matter of fact, now backed up by IMPETIGO worshippers NECRO’s drummer (Pide Guts) and bassplayer Ken Hunakau (also member of Fuoco Fatuo), they’re out for blood and got even meaner and nastier in the meantime, as proven by their first ever 7 inches, proudly released by DOOMENTIA.

Even if ‘Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown’ follows the cosmic theme of their debut, it sees the band taking an even more brutal approach while keeping the dissonant and creepy elements that made their first songs so special alive. Adorned with a fitting Chris Moyen artwork, “Dreadful Omen of a Dark Millenium” and the title-track on the flipside just confirm that among all the great bands that have been popping up like crazy lately to revive the spirit of death-metal the old way, INTO DARKNESS are head and shoulders above the pack and ready to dominate. Hail!!! 

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