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What else could you unite two great bands like NOMINON and GRAVEYARD besides metal, beers, freakin’ loud guitars and an undying love for MOTÖRHEAD? Then again come on, face it to you: if you’re reading this and enjoy too this kind of music, there are very little chances you’ve never headbanged until your face fell off or get drunk to the sound of “Ace of Spades”, “Overkill” or “Iron Fist” and call at least once Lemmy ‘papa’.

Despite the fact that “The Hammer” (originally included on the über 1980 classic ‘Ace of Spades’) was tracked down the Swedes last March and “Deaf Forever” (from the lads’ 1986 ‘Orgasmatron’ album) was initially put on tape way back in June 2010, they both manage to walk on that fine line in between sincere tribute and making somebody else’ song his own, yet with a death-metal twist of course! Rounded up by a fantastic cover by Juan Castellano that can also be seen as a kind of ‘hats off’ to the art of the semi-official MOTÖRHEAD graphic designer Joe Petagno, this could be the coolest tribute ever. Or just another freakin’ good reason to crank up the volume and praise the genius of Lemmy ‘God’ Kilmister. So all hail MOTÖRHEAD!!!

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