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New 7 EP by the d-beat/crustpunx known as Distress (RUS). This time it’s a split 7″ EP that see the lights of day; and what an 7″ EP! You can obviously get this one just for the Distress side alone; but don’t. On the flipside you’ll find Irritation. Yes, it’s that powerunit of crustpunx from Sala, Sweden. Think M:40. Missing Totalt jävla mörker? No need with this band at hand! Fucking ace – no vinyl, no d-beat!

Selling points
# Distress: Crust/hardcore deriving from S:t Petersburg, Russia. Crsutpunk as fuck!
# Irritation: Irritation, d-beat punk from the woods of central Sweden. Members of Makabert Fynd, Uncurbed and Dissober. Have been playing and abusing the instruments together since 2012. Same three members since the debut 12″ LP and the previous 7″.
# The sleeve are really perfect for this split. Bring the war!


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