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A split EP of my favorite bands in grind core. Both of these guys are ultra fucking heavy weights, both in their own sort of grind. While the Italians dish out their sociopathic, desolate grind core, Rgte serves us some of their harsher gore grind. So it is a real clash, and this EP will leave your ears bleeding.

The Cripple Bastards side has the best production out of any of their EPs, perhaps only their full lengths are this good sounding. The songs they deliver here are totally classic and can be found on the ‘Desperately Insensitive’ CD as well, except for 2, ‘X-Factors Of Infidelity’, and ‘When Immunities Fail’ which can be found in worse format on another EP. All of the songs are awesome, these are basically the bets songs these guys have, with only one or two old classics coming to mind to prove me wrong (‘Hydrophobic Web’, ‘Prisons’, ‘Living Monuments’, ‘Disagreeable Elections’ and that era). In fact scratch that; let us just say this is the best of the material they recorded in this era or manifestation of the band. It is fucking awesome grind, played really strongly, plenty of blast beats and weird riffage as well, the entire thing just plain rules. The psycho high pitched vocals are sometimes traded for a death metal growl and sometimes for hard core cookie monster vocals, and sometimes even just a yell. 

Rgte play their harsh ass grind on here, pre-album era, many great riffs, ideas left in half, the hallmarks of grind core played for the thrills. Some of the most extreme material the band has released for sure, this is just a few minutes of pure gore noise, no musicianship or anything, can be refreshing because they actually use riffs. I listen to this side of the split when I want to hear how close music can come to becoming white noise without actually over stepping that boundary and remaining music. I draw the line with this EP; I do not think it can get closer without actually becoming noise core. So if you are interested in that, or are a big fan of Rgte, it is worth picking up, it kind of has their characteristic trademarks on here, before they developed as fully as now.

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