BUNKER 66 / MORBO split EP

death metal


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(Limited to 300 copies on silver vinyl)

If you’re a loyal follower of DOOMENTIA – and come on, if you’re here, you probably are aren’t you?! – you know damn well that the label does love splits more than anything else but also carefully chooses the bands to appear on those shared pieces of plastic. And it’s never been truer than in the case of ‘Into the Morbid Bunker’!

You all should be familiar with BUNKER 66 by now as they’ve already unleashed upon mankind through the label a bunch of releases, such as a reissue of their debut EP (‘Out of the Bunker’) or a now highly sought-after split with retro-thrashers BARBARIAN back in 2012. But there’s no rest for the wicked and the Sicilians black thrashers have recorded two brand new tracks, the first since former Schizo axeman J.J. Priestkiller has joined them. An while some of their recent material showcased a more rock n’roll and punkish side of their personality, while those elements aren’t absent ‘The Force’ and ‘The Merciless March’ are first and foremost two solid fast thrashers tailor-made for some solid headbanging session!

While on paper MORBO seems to emerge from a whole different, this rotten-sounding band created by members of CORPSEFUCKING ART, HAEMOPHAGUS or ASSUMPTION to celebrate the ancient metal ov death actually share a lot with BUNKER 66, attitude wise. They couldn’t care less about what the current trend is, they’re underground musicians making underground music for underground fans and as a result, their art is filthy, rotten sounding yet pure. For their first songs since the release of their debut album two years ago (‘Addiction to Musickal Dissection’), they once again dug up their old IMPETIGO, early DEATH and REPULSION collection to impregnate themselves with the reek of death itself.

Yep, those twelve minutes aren’t pretty boys and girls but that’s the whole point. Thrash ‘til death!!!



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