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Finský kvalitní a surový crust / punk

I’m a sucker for apocalyptic artwork, so this was right up my alley. Whoever came up with this might be a little touched. Anyway, BNB are a Finnish five piece that play a mix of hyper d-beat and Midwest U.S. hardcore that is a lot less gloomy and desolate sounding than the artwork would have you believe. Aside from intros and breaks, these guys are high energy maniacs tat probably put on a great live show. And when you get to the last track, Freefall, it changes up a little and starts with a nice slow, melodic creepy intro that quickly gets interrupted by blast beats and chaos then settles into fast hardcore and revisits all those elements. The sound quality and mix are well executed, especially for a DIY recording from the band’s practice studio. Initially I thought this was done by an experienced label. Nice work. Hopefully they’ll work with some other bands and either show them the way or release albums for them.  It even comes with a download card. All the songs are printed in English and are of personal nature, but have sociopolitical angles. This is a killer band and I hope they release more material soon. This 7″ is a hand-numbered 300 pressing, so make sure you get a copy soon. (Jake)

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