AUSGEBOMBT – Wiedersehn macht Froide 7″EP

hardcore / metal / punk / oi!


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Not even a year has passed since the release of the first AUSGEBOMBT 7″ and the foursome are already pushing another 4-song 7″ – again at 45rpm, again 2 songs in German, 2 songs in English. And musically it’s a similar cracker as the first 7″ – fast, energetic hardcore punk with fat Oi and metal impact. Every now and then the gas pedal is pressed a little more, but mostly the whole thing moves in the mid-tempo range and is therefore very catchy. After the first hearing, the 4 songs get stuck in your ear and don’t come out of it anytime soon. Bangs at least as well as the first 7″ from last year…

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