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New split 7 by two of the UK’s most notable currently active punk bands, released just in time for their USA tour together.

Active Minds are one of the best punk bands of all time, period. From their humble beginnings in 1986 as the new iteration of SAS, all the way until the current day and age of 2015, Active Minds has walked, talked, and lived the true meaning of “DIY hardcore punk”. Over the course of 5 LPs, tons of 7″s, splits with everyone from Unholy Grave and Yacopsae to Petrograd and Voco Protesta, Active Minds has never deviated from playing straight-forward hardcore punk. Yet their style is not one-dimensional: they can play real chaotic fast hardcore right next to slower melodic punk songs right next to more d-beat-ing songs, and it always makes sense together and sounds natural and proper. Matched with their outspoken hardline politics and their commitment to DIY punk ethics (like self-releasing the majority of their releases, trading heavily, and selling them at a bare minimum price), they are a band that continues to inspire, especially at a time when DIY punk seems so detached and apolitical. Their side is 3 new songs that fit nicely in-line with the rest of the Active Minds discography.

Thisclose contributes a 2 song statement of purpose to bookend their discography of hits. A new recording of their own single “Leaders Deceivers”, and a cover of Discharge’s hit “Leaders Deceivers” from Shootin Up the World LP, which, clearly, ought to be your favorite Discharge record by now. A true summation of the politic of Grave New Beat: to love Discharge, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

This record is extra expensive because half of the money is going to the benefit of Rumah Api and The Wall in Malaysia. Because punks should help punks.


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