INSECT WARFARE – Entomological siege 2xCASS box

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For the first time on cassette tape! Double MC set housed in a special 11cmx14cm case with two sided J-card, pro-printed tapes with white print on transparent shells, limited to 150 copies.
Back in stock by popular demand. Get ready for a pulverising sonic hecatomb delivered by Texas’ unmatchable Grindcore assassins! The ultimate INSECT WARFARE collection including all their singles, demos, compilation tracks, out takes and alternate recordings, unreleased tracks and rare live material… 115 songs, nearly 3 hours of merciless brutality. All scrupulously mastered for the best sonic deflagration! If you dreamed of having all the hard to find INSECT WARFARE singles and rarest recordings all gathered in the same place, this is finally the definitive chance! Artwork by Lucas Korte.

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