DEATH OF GOD – Great Omnipotent Deceiver LP+CD

hardcore / thrash


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Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
Another classic Canadian hardcore thrash demo from the incredible mid ‘80s Toronto underground scene finally getting the deserved F.O.A.D. treatment, for the first time on vinyl! LP including the “Great Omnipotent Deceiver” demo 1986 in its entirety + bonus CD with closely 80 minutes of unreleased demos, rehearsals and selected live recordings 1985-1986 showing the band’s progression from mid 80’s raging thrash metal to hardcore oriented crossover.. Maximum RockNRoll in 1986 reviewed them as “Hard thrash with some speedcore tendencies”. Recommended if you like other TOHC titans like SUDDEN IMPACT, NEGATIVE GAIN, MICRO EDGE, DIRECT ACTION… Comes with 20 page booklet including photos, flyers, scans of the original tapes and extensive liner notes.

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