V/A Manic Ears – The Histyrical Years ’86-’90 LP

hardcore / death / grind kompilace
Ripcord / Saw Threat / Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK …
zeleno hnědý splatter vinyl


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Kompletní tracklist:

A1Chaos U.K* Depression  
A2Extreme Noise Terror Murder  
A3Extreme Noise Terror Show Us You Care  
A4Civilised Society? The Fairer Sex  
A5Civilised Society? White Whips / Black Flesh  
A6Bad Beach Beach Patrol  
A7Ripcord Ignorant  
A8Ripcord Defiance Of Power  
A9Spermbirds Playboy Subscriber  
B1Subverse (3) Hunger Pains  
B2Subverse (3) Religious Lies  
B3Desecration (3) Nationalist Evolution  
B4Concrete Sox Facts  
B5Adversity Religion For Sale  
B6Transgression Cold World  
B7Transgression Final Conflict  
B8Doctor And The Crippens Pneumatic Geek Braindead  
B9Saw Throat* Indestroy Part 2  
B10Sore Throat Channel Zero Reality


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