DISASTER – Le Casa De La Caca EP

Sounds Of Betrayal (????)
hardcore / grind


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Švédský grind / hardcore.

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Here’s some raw, blasting, noisy grindcore with a mix of extreme speeds and quirky breaks from this Swedish duo – each of whom handle guitar, bass, drums, and vocals!? I’m talking totally abrasive material with insane levels of distortion all over the place, completely incomprehensible vocals (you can barely make out one word even if you read along with the lyrics), generally blasting speeds with some brief breakdowns or the occasional death metal or hardcore riff, etc. The vocals run from midrange screams, to low growls, back to some higher screams – and they’re all pretty damn good. The recording is really fucking raw, and in this case that sort of holds back the true power of the material. There’s just so much noisiness in the mix and a slew of distortion that the guitars and vocals dominate and you can’t hear a lot of bass, and the killer drum fills often get drowned out. If things were a little bit clearer the razor sharp distortion wouldn’t bother me at all. This is heavy material, it just needs some additional definition. The 7 comes in a black and white sleeve with some riot police standing in front of the White House on the cover, complete with a fake explosion towards the rear of the building and all… Inside are all of the lyrics and some amusingly sarcastic subtleties in the liner notes, such as “® Disaster is a registered trademark of George W. Bush Jr.” The lyrics tend to deal with personal frustrations and typical political attacks: “Loads of shit, coming out of your mouth, Loads of promises, most are just lies, Try to believe what you say, But you make me disappointed, More and more each day.” Most all of the lyrics are in English, but one track is in Swedish, and another in Spanish, which is pretty cool. These guys could be an insane band if they could clean up their sound just a little bit. I’d almost say that with a better recording they could give bands like Nasum a run for their money on a level of musical ferocity, but we’ll see…

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