PR 178 HELLKNIFE – Dusk of Doom LP


d-beat / crust / metal
černý & stříbrnočerný vinyl
500 ks vylisováno
ve spolupráci s Wooaaargh Records a Ecocentric Records



limited edition of 200x silver / black mixed and 300x doom black copies

heavy Gatefold cover printed on the reverse side of the board

comes with a Bandcamp download code of the entire album

HELLKNIFE ‘Dusk Of Doom’

Release Date Friday the 13th, December 2019

Origin: Mannheim (Germany)
Crust Metal
Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Disfear  …
WEB: facebook •  bandcamp

Ralf – Vocals
Mark – Guitar
Peter – Guitar
Markus – Bass
Alex – Drums


Ever think “Yeah, I love Wolfbrigade but wish they had some blasting occasionally”? Then HELLKNIFE‘s debut ‘Dusk Of Doom’ is the release you have been waiting for!

The Mannheim five piece produce that crust metal sound with the aplomb of scene veterans. Guitars ripping between jangling d-beat riffing, trem picked almost black metal-ish speed sections and the melodic leads that give Crust that truly epic punk feel.

Vocals are the bellowed hoarse throat tearers classic to the style, lent an edge by an extremely clean production and a delivery any wearer of a dred mullet would be proud of.

The drums are intense, again with very polished production nothing is lost from the performance here, pummeling D-beats with some excellent cymbal play swapping to micro-blasting sections through rolling tom fills.

HELLKNIFE capture that epic stadium crust feel perfectly, while incorporating some unique elements, songs like ‘Burn It Down’ feature a strong bluesy crust’n’roll undertone which keeps the listeners attention.

Where some might tire of a surging tide of D-beat for 30 minutes HELLKNIFE do exactly what is needed to please both purists of the genre and keep the more casual fan entertained throughout.

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Barva vinylu / Vinyl colour

černý / black vinyl, stříbrnočerný / silverblack vinyl


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