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Zyanose is a three piece band from Osaka, Japan who formed in  2002.  Zyanose play a great style of distorted, blown out, bass heavy music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, crust, and ugly noise rock.  Zyanose is influenced by fellow Japaneese crust terrorists/noisemongers Confused, Gai, and Gloom.  Insane Noise Raid is the band’s latest 9 song LP. Zyanose tear, pummel, and rip their way through these nine songs at dizzying breakneck speeds.  The entire 12 lasts just under twelve minutes, and Zyanose leave you feeling beaten, bruised, and aurally whipped into submission.  At times, I feel like I live under a rock being from the US because Zyanose is a band I’ve never heard of until this release.  So if you dig bands like White Guilt, No Power, and other bands who do the whole crust/noise thing, add Zyanose to your list of incredible bands.  Highly recommended!  I also included the rest of the band’s discography for you to check out as well.  Enjoy!

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