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6 song 12″ of devastating crust/ stench core punk.  Picks up where their previous bands Effigy and Axewield left off.

Our take: Six-song 12” of crushing metallic stenchcore from this Japanese band featuring former members of Effigies and Axewield. If you had played this for me a few years ago I’m sure that I would have absolutely hated it, but over the past couple of years I’ve really come around to this type of music. The key thing for me was finally coming to realize the genius of Amebix. Ulcer’s music is very much grounded in the fusion of a Killing Joke-inspired industrial/post-punk backbeat with metallic riffing that Amebix pioneered. I’m also hearing a lot of comparisons between Ulcer and 90s metallic hardcore like Rorschach or His Hero Is Gone, but I’m guessing that’s less a case of direct influence and more of a case of the bands sharing a similar set of influences and a common approach. The sound here is absolutely huge, so if your taste in crust and stenchcore tends toward the slightly slicker and more metallic end of the spectrum you’ll flip for this.

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