SWORDWIELDER – Grim Vision of Battle LP



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Of course, the Axegrinder influence is very clear, but Swordwielder very much stand out from a lot of other crust bands as they go for that more slower, dark, eerie sound which bands like Axegrinder, Amebix and Morne do so well. With lyrics dealing with barren wastelands and war, I think you know what your in for – primitive and dark sounds which delve further into your soul. Releasing their first demo in 2012 as a limited CDR and cassette release on Boneyard Records, they have kept a very minimal internet presence which I think adds to the mystery of Swordwielder. All I know is that they are from Gothenburg, Sweden and that they only played their first gig in February of this year. Get it on vinyl while you still can on Cubo de Sangre Records.

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