SUFFERING MIND – Messiah Of Extermination LP


fastcore / grind

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Nová nahrávka polských grinderů – jednostranné LP s luxusní rytinou na B straně.  

SUFFERING MIND has been explosive and vocal in the grind scene. Putting fourth a very unqiue and straight-forward blast set, that is punishing as well as being very upfront in their messages. They combine a assualting ‘DIY’ grindcore sound, blaring over punk and crust tones. They bring to mind sounds of Excruciating Terror and pure grindcore acts. This LP combines their splits with Scourge Schematic and Asshammer. It is presented on a 1 sided LP, with a etching on the B side. Packaged with a cover/insert sheet and a picture LP sleeve, in a thick pvc sleeve.

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