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Finally managed to get some distro copies of this fabulous Barcelona post-punk band’s debut LP. As everyone knows there are a ton of bands out there doing the whole post-punk / goth / death rock thing. I’m a huge fan of many of the OG bands of this style, but I’m extremely picky about the modern bands who try it… honestly, I don’t really like too many of them, but Sect are one of the very best. I think that’s because they don’t pretend to be anything but a minimal, catchy punk band. The sound is very much like Warsaw-era Joy Division or Ultimo Resorte… these aren’t weekend warriors posing as goths, they’re punks with a little bit of chorus on the guitar. If your tastes in goth and death rock lean toward the more upbeat and punk you should certainly check this out… easily one of my favorite recent records in this style. Discos Enfermos

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