PR 184 DÖDLÄGE – Hostile Regression LP


d-beat / crust
black vinyl
400 pressed
in cooperation with Halvfabrikat Records

98 in stock

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Dödläge from Portland, Oregon do crustpunk in the vein of Cancer spreading, 3-way cum and to some extent even Tragedy. The band has previously done two EPs and a fullength album on Profane Existence. The band contains members from Insidious Process, Black hole of Calcutta, The Makai, Displaced, Genogeist and Worthless Eaters.

Selling points
# Dark crustcore in the vein of Cancer spreading and 3-way cum.
# Previously releases made on Profane Existence.
# This is by far essential in every D-beat/crustpunk collection!

Anna – bass
Dave – vocals
Ian – drums
Justin – guitar



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