PORKERIA – La Mierda De Siempre LP


hardcore / raw punk

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Records this good often put me at a loss for words. I find it much easier to pick something apart than to get to the core of what makes something great. For instance, I was thinking of starting this review by describing this as straightforward Latino hardcore punk. That sounds generic right? Well essentially that’s what PORKERIA sound like, but rest assured, these well-traveled Texans are anything but boring. This is the middle ground between LOS CRUDOS and PELIGRO SOCIAL, with a little bit of Scandinavian influence tossed in for good measure. It’s fast and raging but after a couple spins every one of these fantastic little ditties will be ingrained in your brain. Most of the lyrics are vaguely political; they’re also fantastically simple and at times even a bit hopeful. “Por La Patria” and “No Te Preocupes” actually gave me fucking chills. This is the best Latino punk LP I’ve heard in a couple years; track it down at any cost.  (Valle Miseria Discoz/Adelante Records —adelantediscos {at} gmail(.)com)

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