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Finally…at long last…here`s the new Negativ Null full throttle assault to your ears and eyes!!!

Comin’ in form of a one-sided 12, packed in an inside/out sleeve, this record is the band`s next step since their EP on Affront Vinyl and their contribution to the “Germany will be worse“ compilation on Flowerviolence Recs this year.

You can tell Negativ Null definetly stepped up their game when it comes to harshness, brutality and sound! That being said, this record sounds perfeclty sharp and well produced while also beeing noisy and loud with a lot of feedback!

Matching the title “Kategorisch Aggressiv“, the 12“ features 24 short stop-and-go rippers in the vein of all that is fast and furious. With a duration of a bit more than 11 minutes, you can also tell this slasher is not meant for sludge and doom lovers.

Get your head into it. The cover art was once again nicly executed by Rob „The Bastard“ Nabbe (Lifespite/Blind To Faith). His cruel cartoonistic visions of filth and fury perfectly match Negativ Nulls musical outrage and lyrical content.

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