MASAKARI – The Prophet Feeds LP


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d-beat / hardcore

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MASAKARI unleash a devastating blend of d-beat crust and anxious hardcore descendant to His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise, as well as more punk/crust founders G.I.S.M. and Discharge, and adopt these classic styles to their own point-blank, by-the-throat approach. Crushing, discordant riffing smashes its way through the barrage of ravenous drum battery, broken, eerie guitar leads entangled in the song structures, and all fueled by guttural, searing vocals that power the angry, socio-politically inspired lyrics. Engineered by Bill Korecky (Incantation, Keelhaul, Integrity) and recorded at Mars Studio in the band’s home town of Cleveland, The Prophet Feeds is an infectious, driving release sure to appease anybody with a hankering for some amazingly pissed-off, crustpunk rage.

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