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I have no fucking idea how many songs are on this thing! There has to be at least thirty, if not more. All the songs are roughly 30-45 seconds long with only a four-count in between each one. This record is the last release(?) of this Houston, TX grindcore outfit. It was released in 2009 by 625 Thrash and is an unrelenting grind-your-fucking-face-off full on attack! There’s no way to tell what the song titles are, how many are on the record, or what the lyrics could be. There is no insert or list included with the record and the art is bare-bones. This release is one big fucking mystery apparently. I’m not the biggest fan of grindcore but this is just so intense that it’s hard no to like, even if its just a little bit. This release also has the novelty of being one-sided although there are grooves on the flipside. I guess the hiss of the needle is soothing after an assault on the ears like that. Shit. So anyway, being that this is a few years old you should try to get your hands on one.(JasonS)

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