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INFANTICIDE is back to add another gem to the Swedish Grindcore crown.  Misconception Of Hope is 18 minutes of pure savage grindcore.  The patented Entombed buzz-saw guitar tone is there, with d-beat and blast-beats keeping the pace on the back end.  Another solid, genre-defining album from Infanticide.



Following the blood-mottled boots of Swedish grind acts Nasum and Gadget, Infanticide have returned with their third full-length album Misconception of Hope, a thundering 19-track excursion of death metal riffs ripped off with hellfire velocity.

Alive with a grievous punk spirit, the album’s ground-trembling production job lends it a weight most grindcore efforts sorely lack. The guitar tone is immense, the bass is fuzzed out and ugly, and the drums blast mercilessly when the band aren’t skidding to a mid-tempo chug-a-thon like they do on “99 Percent Uncertainty” or “Monokrom Vardag.” The dual vocal attack is an acquired taste, but Misconception of Hope should hang on as one of the year’s better grind albums.

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