HOIST A FEW – No Serious Shit … LP


raw punk / hardcore

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For the first time “Hoist A Few – No Serious Shit…” is available on vinyl. The Swedish punk band released the album through the classic Swedish punk label Finn Records in 1997 on CD. Hoist A Few was in the ’90s a true keeper of raw drunk with influences of oi. The album erupts in sing-along punk anthems ’Six Down Six To Go’, ’Drink Drink and Drink Again’, ’We’re The Few’ and
’I Rather Be Drunk’. If The Varukers, The Oppressed and Negative Approach had met in the drunk tank and started a band, it would sound like Hoist A Few. This re-release is long overdue. Pressing in 500 vinyls on black 180g vinyl. NO DIGITAL- VINYL ONLY

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