HELL BOUND – Demo 1986 LP+CD


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Solid black vinyl limited to 150 copies.
..another journey through the vaults of the most incredible underground rarities! A mysterious and totally undiscovered jewel of 80’s Japanese Metal from the Hokuriku area only known in the most diehard circles of tape-trading maniacs. This “Demo 1986″ collection is all focused on their early recordings, blending a NWOBHM influenced approach with some serious Sortilege worship and a speed metal touch. It includes the following works: debut demotape 1986 and 2 unreleased studio tracks 1987. Links: their drummer Yano Angel later joined the rocking hardcore punk unit called BLANQUISME known for a demo and a 7” (1989). LP with OBI strip, bonus CD with extended contents and a stunning 16 page booklet full of photos and scans of the rare original demotape. Disclaimer: just as for many other Japanese Metal bands of that era (Rommel, Mein Kampf, Rosenfeld etc) you will notice a recurring use of controversial symbols in the band’s photos and artworks. Quoting HELL BOUND themselves: “in the 80’s Japanese scene it was mostly used to enhance the shocking factor without any political references. Some of you may also find some connection to this imagery in our lyrics: actually, we were trying to express our contempt towards the mistakes made by the Nazis, but our English was poor and easily misunderstood. Later on we stopped using those symbols in our artworks because we thought it was wrong, despite the shocking value. We are firmly opposed Nazism and any form of discrimination.”

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