GUIDED CRADLE – System Survivals LP


crust / metal
half yellow / half black vinyl

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Guided Cradle are from Prague, Czech Republic who started as a cover band called Anti-Climax in the spring of 2003 with members of Dread 101, V.I.R, and Oi Pollloi. They did covers of Anti-Cimex, Doom, Extreme Noise Terror etc. A year later they decided to do their own stuff, with the addition of a second guitarist from the USA who played in such bands as K10 Prospect and 23rd Chapter. The debut LP features eight tracks of their blend of barbaric raging crust. Due to popular demand, all of their European releases were sold out. This is the Canadian gatefold re-issue with a huge poster! Pressed on 1/2 Bright Yellow and 1/2 Black wax!!!

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