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Revolution in any language is cool by me – I don’t give a fuck, as long we all can agree to say Fuck Authority! That’s the thing, no matter what gender or color, we all face many of the same issues that just keep getting worse. This is why I’m such a fan of crust/dis-beat, because it shines a light on all of the injustices in this world. Sorry State Records from Chapel Hill, NC, released an ultra caustic split between two off the hook Swedish hardcore crust bands: Makabert Fynd & Glöm Da!. I can’t understand the words, but I feel the message to my core. I don’t know what’s in the water in this country, because they have some of the sickest crust bands. From being to Sweden, I can tell you it’s not all perfect, just like any where else, they are battling racism and other ism’s. That’s why bands like Makabert Fynd & Glöm Da! serve a purpose: to let their country know what time it really is, and that they better fucking wake up. Makabert Fynd’s six songs are straight dis-fury at it’s best; the vocals reach out from every song and poke you in the eyes with rage! Then their riffs attack your flesh like fire ants, because they just keep coming and are is hot as fuck! Their drumming has the warrior punch that is a must for my crust, plus the beats are the backbone for their rancid melodic onslaught. Glöm Da! brings out the beast and wrecks shit in the process. They hit you with dual vocals that have an awesome call and response thing happening that is sonically captivating. The amount of passion that they put into all of their tunes is hard to quantify, but I will say that one listen to this band and you will buy this record. Glöm Da! rips shit on the riffage tip – under layers of dis-rage they kill shit with some catchy riffs. It’s not really hard to miss, but this band has mad layers of melody inside and around their songs. So if you are a fan of music that is audio caffeine, this split is for you! Makabert Fynd // Glöm Da! have made their crust forefathers proud with this release…up yours, status quo!

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