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‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ says the old adage. And when you remember that those two have been churning out rock n’roll, D-beat, thrash and a solid dose of MOTÖRHEAD for at least two decades with first RASERA, then HATHOR and now since 2009 GERM BOMB, the kind of deflagration delivered by ‘Under a Fading Sun’ should come as no surprise. After all, they’ve taken their name from a DEAD KENNEDYS song haven’t they?

Although they hail from Gothenburg, Sweden GERM BOMB has little to do with the saccharine-loaded sound synonymous with the country second biggest city. Proud of their 80’s hardcore roots and still determined to point the finger towards the many injustices and issues our nowadays society suffers from, they’re still as angry as ever. Even if compared to its two predecessors this album leans a bit more towards a slower and heavier, when it rocks, it still rocks hard and fast as GERM BOMB is once again joining the punk parade led by TOXIC HOLOCAUST, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY and BASTARDATOR where crossover, punk and metal unite. 

Yet, produced by BOMBS OF HADES collaborator Per Stålberg and showcasing a darker and more subtle direction as underlined by the superb artwork courtesy of Lenore Ani, ‘Under A Fading Sun’ still kind of feels like the beginning of a new chapter for the band and DOOMENTIA is proud of releasing its glorious LP version, with the CD being handled by Area Death Productions ‘China) and the tape by Hellforced Records (Malaysia). 

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