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repress of the 2008 Demo-Tape on vinyl. These ten songs clearly comefrom another planet. Harnessing the power of NO COMMENT and other earlypowerviolence brutality, GAS CHAMBER put sounds through a filter that ispurely their own, and present these ten tracks of uncompromising painand fury. The guitar alone manages to hold these songs together, whilethe bass acts as the lead instrument and the drums go off on nonsensicaland ferocious tangents but somehow manage to lead the songs to theirmerciful end. And speaking of tangents, the last half of Comfort Food”comes completely out of left field, and serves as a subtle nudge toremind you that these dudes are way over your head. The lyrics rangefrom agonizing to nihilistic, and fit the songs perfectly. This is rustbelt frustration with CROSSED OUT delivery, a fucking perfect demo!->

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