FATUM – Skverna LP


stenchcore / crust

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I once read a review of Killing Joke where their music was described as “the sound of the earth vomiting”. Well Fatum is like the earth’s crust being spewed up. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, their ‘musick’ is bleak dirty bass-heavy stenchcore which brings to mind bands like Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct etc.

Fatum – Razor Of Reality

‘Skverna’ is fueled by an ocean of homebrew, pints of Russian vodka and a love of nature, crust and early black metal. The band certainly wear their influences on their sleeves (in all senses of that phrase!), even covering Bathory and Hellhammer. From the opening track of ‘Run Of The Doomed’ the dark gloomy riffs and guttural growls lashed out in Russian gives an image of a harse post-apocalyptic world. This is followed by ‘Back To Caves’, which is like a missing track from Deviated Instinct’s ‘Terminal Filth Stenchcore’ demo! Thanks to the band for letting CVLT Nation stream the track ‘Razor Of Reality’. Which starts out with an Amebix-like intro, but then leads into crusty sludge riffing. This is like a trip down memory lane of the roots of crusty punk. But I strongly recommend it if your a fan of stenchcore crust, which I’m a sucker for.


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