DISPOSE – Nightmare Visions & Beyond … LP


d-beat / crust

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Compilation of 4 demos published originally in 2009-2010 by Reset Not Equal Zero recs in Japan: The Warsound EP (split with Chaotic Disorder), Apocalypse Approaches EP, Apocalypse Of Darkness, and Wargame Fairytales. 22 songs on here, simply expect the best raw d-beat from Sweden. Yep. Nothing less. These fellows have others releases on such power houses like Rawmantic Disasters and D-Takt & Råpunk. How good is this? R.N.E.Z. recs is taking care of the digital version of the record that’s not to be missed for all Raw Punk Spirit / Disclose fans around. The band still plays local shows in Sweden while we hope they’re gonna show up on Continental Europe someday. This mp3 out of the Nightmare Visions & Beyond LP.

Self-recorded, re-mastered by Dan Randall. 
500 copies. 380g sleeve.
Comes with printed insert.

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