ARCHAGATHUS – Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging LP


grind / mince core

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Archagathus is one of the best mincecore bands of the past decade. Musically a bastard of AGATHOCLES and MESRINE, of course these guys, like their teachers, have a lot of releases now, lots of splits, some Ep and some LP’s, but this LP is something special. “Atrocious Halitosis from Nauseated Disgorging” represents the best of these Canadian maniacs. Crazy and catchy groove, raw sound and countless cool riffs. All of this happened 10 years ago, the album has been sold out for years. Now this LP is 10 years old and on this occasion these 18 tracks will be released in vinyl format for the first time! The LP comes in an inside / out cover design and also includes a 400gr insert.

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