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I’d say this is Anti You’s best material yet. Still as fast and thrashy as before, but it’s all tighter and more focused than the older stuff. There’s more punch in their sound. There are varying tempos in the songs, some quick guitar solos, and “whoa-oh” backing vocals to ensure that this whole record does not turn into one long blur. I like the transition between “Rat Trap” and “Too Young to Die,” where all the instruments, except the drum and bass, go away for a few seconds. Helps give this a live feel and keeps the urgency constant. What’s really cool about this is how catchy these songs are. They’re barreling down the whole time, and there are these choruses and beats that direct your attention away from the chaos. Check out songs like “Notions,” “Pull Through,” and “Final Scene.” They all have that manic energy and a way of working themselves into your consciousness. The kind of hardcore that will appeal to those who like their music fast, and to those who want to sing along.  –Matt Average (Six Weeks,

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