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Well here is a trio of some of the best power violence bands out there today.  ACxDC hail from LA and by there name looks like a rip-off of AC/DC, but looks can be deseving ACxDC actually stands for AntiChristXDemonCore which makes perfect sense. Right? On this split 10 inch record ACxDC get 5 songs to blast through your speakers with, with very angry vocals and spastic guitar and heavy drums.  This is actually my first time listening to these guys and it’s actually really good. Angry and to the point, I know of people out there who collect ACxDC records/merch and this will be a nice addition to their collection.  Next up is MAGNUM FORCE with only 3 tracks on this record offer up more of the longer track’s which are very well put together.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard MAGNUM FORCE, In fact BACKSLIDER came to Minneapolis and Pat from BACKSLIDER runs his own label and put out some stuff for MAGNUM FORCE so I did some trading with him and got some of there 7 inches and cassettes.  So I already knew what I was in store for.  All 3 tracks are very heavy and more towards the heavier side of power violence which to me is better.  Finally we have SEX PRISONER from Tucson, AZ.  Again this is not the first time I’ve heard SEX PRISONER I actually trades with TO LIVE A LIE before and had some of these in my distro, of course they didn’t last very long.  On this release SEX PRISONER offer up 5 tracks of there explosive tunes that are not to short but not to long gems they supply here.  All in all this is a very solid release look for it coming out towards the middle of this month on TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS. (XbezerkerX)

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