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One more post about Absolut, they come from Toronto, Canada and include members of Rammer, Saigon Distress Signal and others, I have posted their Insane Power Demos and 1st Demo tape, now and after these two demo releases they make a step and release their first lp titled Punk Survival on Electric Assault Records. Knowing what they delivered in their demos makes things clear of what Punk Survival contents:  Frantic and relentless raw D-beat punk in nine songs and having its inspiration in Swedish (Anti-Cimex) and Japanese (Gauze, Nightmare) scene. Sound wise, the production is better than the demos and delivers the chaos, the singer’s voice is rough and full of echo, the bass is heavy, the guitar is thick and drawn in reverb and distortion, there are some insane solos that pop up from time to time and along with the echo-ed shouts/screams create a vicious veil over the D-beat mayhem. All songs stand in the same level, no fillers here.This is for fans of  Nomad, Koward, Kozmar, Kromosom, Leprosy, The Helpless,Warvictims, Dropend etc etc, really good stuff equal to these bands. The record is available on Electric Assault bandcamp and for physical copies contact with the label. Electric Assault is a small label based in Broklyn, NY and so far they released several records for bands such as Creep, The Golden Grass, Zex and others.

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