A//POLITICAL – The Greatest Working Crass Rip-Off LP + book


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anarcho punk + kniha

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The Wait is over!!! After 4 long years, this long over due classic finally see’s the light of day. A//Political was very active during the mid to late 90s. Their style is similar to that of many peace punk” bands from the early 1980s and was heavily influenced by anarcho-punk bands like Crass and Conflict. Members were involved in the Crasshole Collective and the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.). Many members were in other local punk bands such as Coexist, Flag Fallen and U.S. War Commission. Stas (Vocals) also sang for Boston area anarcho-punk band, Krema-1. This album contains all re-mastered versions of the “Propaganda By Deed” 7″, “Punk Is A Ghetto” 7″, Split 7″ with COUNTERPOISE, “Not In The Name Of Science” Compilation 7″ and 6 UNRELEASED tracks! CD Version Includes: Bonus Tracks From The “Planting The Seeds Of Revolution” Demo Cassette Tape. Both CD & Vinyl come with a 60 page book that includes the entire history of A//POLITICAL and the CRASSHOLE collective. Filled with old interviews, flyers, communiques, lyrics, pictures and much more!

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