20 MINUTES DE CHAOS – We Don´t Need Your Police LP


crust / hardcore

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Well shit howdy! After getting half way through writing this review, my laptop died. Well, not so much mine, but one my boss lets me use at home. Not important. Anyway, everything I wrote immediately disappeared in half a second. So…the first thing you’ll notice is the CRASS influenced military font on the border framing a creepy as fuck clown holding an old timey round bomb and then a bunch of things that add texture, but don’t make sense to me. When you pull out te sleeve, the lyrics(some French, some English) are on one side and there’s pictures of show flyers and photos of the band in the studio. Ya know, even the center of te record is a bit CRASSY. Anyway, 20 MINUTES kills it! Every track is just unapologetic brutal crust that’s mostly woman fronted accompanied by raspy male vocals. I immediately thought of NAUSEA, NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR and FLEAS AND LICE. All the lyrics are fiercely political and aren’t just rehashed war formula staples. They tackle the integrity of the crust scene and comment on the recent global upheavals and question work life that starts every unsatisfying day with the blip of an alarm clock. The mix and recording are perfect. I love when well written songs are preserved properly. Ever buy something from a good band that you just can’t listen to? Not this one! Top notch from start to finish! Another staller release from Maloka. (Jake)



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