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A visit to the sewer that will bring you all the subterranean horrors and the chaos of pure filth… It’s like a horror tale of unpredictable dimensions. That’s exactly what these two bands are able to achieve with this split of putrid meat.

On one hand the Danes, UNDERGANG, with their unique brand of heavy and brutal death metal, taking influences from anything insane. One song takes you on the trip into the aforementioned sewer and you yourself into the mental asylum. They can’t stop surprising with the heaviness of their sound and their devotion to play sickness induced death metal.

This is an appetiser for their forthcoming fifth full length, and if this song is even more brutal than their previous stuff, maybe that’s because of the addition of two new members to the roster, Mads Haarløv (INIQUITY, SWOLLEN) on lead guitars and backing vocals and Martin Leth Andersen (CEREKLOTH, STRYCHNINE) on bass.

Their partners in this crime are the Finns GOREPHILIA, with their obsession for twisted and skilful US-influenced death metal. They can’t deny their love for morbidity and suffering, and they do it so fucking well that it hurts. Massive production to show you that the journey into the macabre will make you rest in pain, for sure.

And again, Me Saco Un Ojo is behind this monument of a release and tribute to the extreme.

Be ready for the trip, as you surely will ask for more after putting your hands on this slab of vinyl… the sewer beckons!

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