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New record from the Swedish Kings of fast and short Punk tunes…

Holy shit! How is this the first time I’ve ever reviewed TV Eye?! If these Swedes were any more up my alley, they’d be on my bowling team! All four members have been playing in bands since the late ’70s and early ’80s, and in 1998 they joined forces to become TV Eye. They put out a couple CDs in recent years that I somehow managed to miss, but I’m all over their new EP! Working Bee turns out 10 poppy rippers in less than nine minutes, and it’s a freaking blast! Imagine The Dickies if they’d been on Killed By Death comps or the Buzzcocks on an amphetamine bender. These guys promise short, fast songs in a ’77 punk style, and that’s exactly what they deliver. Sometimes when bands play this fast, the melodies get obscured a little. But somehow, TV Eye run right through that problem. For sure, they keep it quick and catchy. But even amidst all that frenzy, the hooks are easy to find and sure to delight. Pogo party tonight, and everyone’s invited! Who’s bringing the Jolt cola?!

Review from Faster and Louder Blog.


TV EYE – Working Bee {Just4Fun} A truly wonderful 10-track 7 from these impossible-to-hate Swedes. Picking up where the excellent album, ‘Nice People’, left off, these tracks are short, frantic and as catchy as a skin disease in a leper colony. THE DICKIES influence is still impossible to ignore (check ‘Lie Detector’) but elsewhere there is a distinct turn towards something more gnarled as heard on ‘A Chorus Line’ and the title track, while ‘Television Generation’ contains the same sneering Punk drive of STEVE ADAMYK BAND. Add on the closer, ‘Notebook No 1’ that’s a perfect slice of room-trashing, lose-yr-mind furious Punk Fucking Rock and you are close to a flawless EP. Orange or black vinyl, raw but not crap production and buzz-saw guitars played through killer tunes that so many promise but very few deliver. If ya dig REZILLOS and CIRCLE JERKS in equal measures, then welcome TV EYE to ya turntable. They could very well be your new favourite band. (6.08.13)

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