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As I´ve promised in some previous post, here is my rant about the first Tear It Up seven inch. I first heard this on Havoc cassette sampler vol. 3 that Trujaca Fala released, which was Polish record label that among bunch of other international hc/punk bands, released these 3 series of Havoc seven inches from 1992. to 2001. All the series were released as double tape compilations and yes, I still have all of the 3 compilations. So, this third Havoc Sampler was released in 2001. or 2002. I´m not sure, just as I´m not really sure when I got this, 2001. or 2002. but never mind. I wrote review of this compilation in the first issue of my zine – IOSC which I put out in the fall of 2002. so I guess I got that compilation the same year. As I´ve wrote in the review, at the time I didn´t know who TIU were, wasn´t even sure if they are from NYC or NJ. But I did read somewhere at the time that before TIU, most of the TIU members were playing in some great hardcore band called Dead Nation. I imagined that this Dead Nation band must be something awesome because of all the talk about this new great band (TIU) that formed on the ashes of another great band (DN). And indeed Dead Nation were great but that´s another story. I remember that beside Code 13 and DS-13, Tear It Up were my favorite band on that compilation (other bands were: United Super Villains, Holding On, The Real Enemy, Spazm 151, Nine Shocks Terror, Kaaos and Cluster Bomb Unit. The good thing with this compilation was that there were lyrics from all the bands and I was very much into Tear It Up lyrics. Although they didn´t hit me as hard as few years later, because at the time I got this compilation, I was still in a happy relationship and a positive straight edge dude if you catch my drift. I mean, later I was still straight edge dude (and still am), but I was not in a relationship anymore and I was a little bit less positive and more frustrated with some emotional stuff and shit. Few years later I got the EP on vinyl on some show in Zagreb, don´t recall which one or on which distribution.

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