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RE/VOLT are a new band with crushing power and intense speed. Their debut EP This Is Our War” was recorded in Killing Joke’s recent rehearsal space in Hill Valley Studios. The bands line up boasts members of such greats as Extreme Noise Terror, Killing Joke, Gallows and Raw Noise. With such an unrelenting onslaught of power and roaring venom, you’d know they have experience at this. Dean Jones from ENT is instantly recognizable on vocals, the drilling drums of Lee Barratt from Gallows are as tight as ever. Guitar wise there is no Killing Joke influence here, but certainly heavy solid riffs throughout. Of course this band has had a previous kinship. Kneill X (ex-Killing Joke) played with Dean (ENT) before in the band Disgust. And Chino has played along with Dean in Raw Noise, Death Dealers and Extreme Noise Terror. You can hear echos of those collaborations on this EP too. The title track has been ringing around in my head since I heard it. Mainly the end of it, it has this heavy chugging guitar and the word “war” in a chant-like roar left lingering there, before it continues into vigorous riffs again. A raging debut EP from RE/VOLT and I can’t wait to hear more…

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