RADIATION – Plutonium Overdose EP



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Shit! This is an ultra damned great retro! This transferred me to the beginning of the 90ties, when I was flabbergasted by every Sodom recording, we didn´t know any CDs, or didn´t have enough money for them, so in principle, everything was on tapes. RADIATION from Bratislava (there is a band with similar name in Sweden as well, and they even play similarly) decided to remind everyone of the origin. They showed everyone the seed of a trash metal tree, which has, as we already know, sour and rotten branches, but this is really great. I can´t get how is it possible that I switch the new Sodom after the second song off and on the contrary, I´ve been listening to this tape for two days non-stop. And I even know why. Guys still have a good deal of aggression, energy and primarily, they still enjoy the playing. And moreover, they aren´t any old wrinklies, but young enthusiasts. This tape is stuffed with five retro Sodom-style songs; recorded at their friend´s Vomitor Sound studio. As far as sound is concerned, out of all the Vomitor recordings, this one has the dirtiest sound, what means, that I like it the most! It´s above reproach, the guys made my day like old smash hits would make a lifeless pensioner´s day in a retirement home! Great! Trash to trash! 

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